LotR LCG Reviews

Lord of the Rings is perhaps one of my favorite games I own and also one of the most expanded games in my collection.  I thought rather then filling up my blog with the many reviews of the expansions for the game, I would create its own section.

Here you will find all my reviews of all of the Lord of the Rings the card game expansions in Chronological order.

You can read about the Rating System used for these reviews.

Lord of the Rings Core Set

Lord of The Ring The Card Game Core Game Review

Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle

The first expansion for Lord of the Rings the card that was released and one of the only expansion sets that does not require any Deluxe expansions, only the core set is needed.

The Hunt For Gollum
Conflict At The Carrock
A Journey To Rhosgobel
Hills Of Emyn Muil