Runewars: Miniature Game

Given that I have recently gotten into FFG’s latest craze, Runewars the miniature game, I thought it might be fun to dedicate a section of this site to the hobby.

Now I will say upfront that I’m not really a mini painter, I love mini games, but I generally fall into the “I just want to play” category.  Hence the articles here will kind of cover my (novice) experience with the hobby side of this game (painting/assembly/conversions).  Perhaps other gamers like me who are just not quite “pros” will find some of my experiences and information provided here useful.

I have kept these articles in their own side section and indexed in all of the other articles I have written for the site about Runewars.  Enjoy!

First Night With Runewars The Miniature Game
(First Impressions Article)

Review: Runewars The Miniature Game (Core Set)

Runewars: Reanimates Ghosts
The reanimates coming off the assembly lines in their ghostly form.